Parallel Single Ended 10 Watt – Class A

Electric Guitar Amplifier Parallel Single Ended 10 Watt – Class A

“There are very few companies that produce such an amplifier, the reason being its complexity and strict choice of the tubes. Moreover, the output transformer is built in a special way, having a dedicated slave out. We used 2 tubes in order to increase power to 10w.  The dynamic is exceptional (and this is  much more important than power). No Push-Pull amp can come close to a SE amp in terms of dynamic. You can basically play on any stage without problems and if more power is needed one can couple the slave out output to any amp return available on the stage.” (Dan Panaitescu, Dominance, source RGC)

“My name is Dan Iliescu from Timpuri Noi and I am pleased to talk about the amplifiers built by Dan Panaitescu. To be clear from the beginning there is a significant difference between serial amps and custom amps, no matter who produces them. So, speaking of the 10w model created by Dan Panaitescu, after using it for 3 years I can claim that it is very special. First of all the equilibrium between the two channels (drive and clean) is impecable. Then the effect loop from the tube can be adjusted on each channel. It has a high quality slave-out with which you can take on a more powerful amp, and foot switch for effect and channel switching, but these are not what make the amp so special. What really makes it special is the incredible dynamic; the sound pops from hand with fantastic speed and the harmonics from the clean or the drive are richer than you have ever heard on a serial amp.  To better understand what I meant, I use a mic on my combo 10w amp with 75w and 8″ speaker a coupled the slave-out with a Marshall JCM 900 4X12″ and I was surprised to find that although the Marshall bit on the stage, the 8″ in front sounded better. It is an amp suitable  both for small spaces and also on big stages because of its very good slave-out. You can play almost anything on it, from acoustic guitar sound to funk or heavy metal. Even if you don’t master the guitar very well and it can be scary at first you can develop a special expression technique. It is an amp that responds well to the strictest guitar techniques. The amp should be listened live, with a good guitar and preferably a good hand, otherwise as the saying goes “bad things are a match”.   (Dan Iliescu – source RGC)


Technical Specifications:

Model: Head
Building: All tube parallel single ended pure Class A
Power: 10w
Tubes: 2 X 6P14EV, 2 X ECC83, 1 X E88CC

Back Panel:
Output speaker: 4/8 ohm
Slave out: adjustable, with separate 600 ohm output from the output transformer
Number of channels: 2
Switching: footswitch true bypass [relays] with microcontroller
Midi in & midi out
Fx loop serial and parallel
Fx volume: separate on each channel
Pedal: crunch,clean,effect [on/off]

Front Panel:
Input instrument: 1
Crunch channel: gain, bass, middle, trable, master
Clean channel: volume, bass, middle, treble, master
Switch for manual switching

Transformers: custom made Dominance
Laminating material – tolex
Corners and grids – metalic

Warranty 2 years

Photo Gallery:

Demo/Sample Audio:

Demo Video:


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