Motto: “You can have a lifetime chance to meet your mentor, and so it happened that in the freezing winter of 1963 I  met the MAN who would change the course of my life, ALEXANDRU ARION. That was the moment when I wired my first transformer wearing gloves in a frozen attic. At the launch of this website I respectfully think of those who taught me something essential: you can’t build a lasting thing without EMOTION.”  (Dan Panaitescu – Dominance Amps)

“The amplifiers that Dan Panaitescu build are vivid. If you are “vivid” – musically speaking, and most of all if you know what you look for you will find your sound.” (Dan Iliescu – source www.lectii-de-chitara.ro)

“I can say that [5 Wati Single Ended] is the finest and most clear clean I have ever tested on an amp…  It is a very difficult clean to tackle, extremely dynamic, something that I believe is the dream of every guitar player…  It ranges from a crystalline clean to a discrete crunch.” (Bob Marius, Bere Gratis band – Source RGC)

“This amp [Paralel Single Ended 10 Wati] has an unbelievable dynamic. The sound pops with fantastic speed from your fingers, and the harmonics coming from the clean or from the drive are richer than anything you have ever heard from a serial production amp.” (Dan Iliescu – source RGC)

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