Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier Single Ended 5 Watt – Class A

“I can say that this is the finest and most crystalline clean I have ever tested in an amp. It also has a big “problem”: it forces you to know how to play it. This clean is difficult to approach, it is extremely dynamic, and I think it is the dream of every guitar player. Whether you like it or not you have to learn to refine, both by hand and by volume. It ranges from a pure and crystalline clean to a discrete crunch.”  (Bob Marius, Bere Gratis band – Source RGC)

“This amp has been designed specially for studio clean, but it can be used by bands using mics, since it has adjustable slave out.  With open tone and close depth the sound is linear.” (Dan Panaitescu, Dominance – Source RGC)

“I was forced to equip the amp with a 10″/25w speaker, since it had an extraordinary dynamic. With a 75w speaker the sound was impressive. The slave out is just an extra facility of the amp, which can be successfully used because the output is not straight from the speaker (where the impedance is very small), it is a 600 ohm line out.  The schematic does not have coupling capacitors and this facilitates a frequency transfer hard to achieve otherwise.  It is a studio amp, as someone rightfully pointed out, but it can also be used live if mic’d correctly…” (Dan Panaitescu, Dominance – Source RGC)

Technical Specifications:

Model: Combo
Building: All tube single ended pure Class A
Power: 5w
Tubes: 1X6P14EV 1XEF86
Number of channels: 1

Back Panel:
Speaker: 4/8 ohm
Slave out: adjustable with separate 600 ohm output from the output transformer

Front Panel:

Input instrument: 1
3 Position Bright Switch
Switch triode/pentode [3w/5w]

Speaker: Celestion 10′, 25w/4ohm
Transformers: custom made Dominance
Laminating material: tolex
Corners and grids: metallic

Warranty 2 years

Photo Gallery:

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