Electric Guitar Amplifier 25 Watt Triode

Technical Specifications:

Model: Head
Power: 25w
Building: All tube triode pure Class A
Tubes: 1x6c33s, 4x12AX7, 1XE88CC
Number of chanels: 3 [red/distors, blue/overdrive, green/clean]

Front Panel:

Input instrument
Red channel [distors]: gain, bass, middle, treble, master, thick
Blue channel [overdrive]: gain,bass,middle,treble,master,thick
Green channel[clean]: volume, bass, middle, treble, master, bright
Manual switch

Back Panel:

Ac input 230v
Switch on/off
Foot switch
Midi in/out
Fx loop
Send, return, effect on/off
Volume effect green, blue, red
Speakers: 4ohm, 8 ohm

Transformers: custom made Dominance
Laminating material: tolex
Metal corners and grids

Warranty 2 years

Photo Galery:

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